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Why Are Handymen Unreliable?

Here are five potential reasons why your handyman is unreliable. 

Why does it seem like so many handymen are unreliable? There are a few possible reasons, and I want to go over them with you today:

1. They become overextended. Some handymen don’t know how to say no. If they agree to too many projects, they can easily become too busy to get everything finished.

2. They lack accountability. Many handymen are independent and don’t have bosses. Without someone to answer to, it can be easy to let a few deadlines slide. 

3. Injuries are common. If someone falls off a ladder and hurts their back, they could be out of commission for weeks. 

4. They misjudge their estimate. Even seasoned handymen can misjudge how long a project will take. Sometimes, handymen are so eager to please their clients that they’ll give them a generous estimate they just can’t meet. 

5. They aren’t qualified for the job. Make sure you check Google reviews and other resources so that you know your handyman is an expert. 

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