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How Does Shoddy Workmanship Come Back to Haunt Homeowners?

Here’s how a brand-new home’s value can be ruined by bad workmanship.

At San Antonio Home Repair, we work with a lot of Realtors and really focus our efforts on the real estate community. One of the biggest problems we see out there when it comes to new construction homes is shoddy workmanship affecting future sale prices. There is a big difference between buying a new home and buying a used home. People are willing to pay up to 10% more for a new home, but shoddy workmanship will affect that value down the road.

A good installer can make any material look good.

When you see poor paint jobs or bad detail work in flooring, that’s a tell-tale sign of this. Make sure you get these things done correctly. If you don’t, you’re severely limiting the home’s resale value. Great workmanship is especially important in high-traffic areas like entryways, living rooms, and kitchens, and great workmanship will trump any material. I’m not a good soccer player, but I guarantee you that Lionel Messi is better with a bad soccer ball than I am with the best ball. 

A really good installer can make any material look good, but a bad installer with shoddy workmanship can make any material look bad. Pay to hire the best to do your work at the start. The difference will be apparent down the road.

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