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2 Current Smart Home Trends

The two main smart home trends we’re seeing more of in 2022. 

With automation improving by leaps and bounds, we’re seeing more and more smart home technology. Here are the main smart home trends we’re seeing in 2022:

1. Smarter sensors. Smart home sensors are a little more advanced these days. You can get devices and alarms that pay attention to cracked windows, extra loud noises, are better with doorbells, etc. We’re also starting to see sensors that mark increased water usage, so you’ll know if you have a leak. These updated sensors help protect your home even more than the older ones and are more practical. 

2. Robots. We’re seeing more robotic devices lately, but very advanced ones. For example, you can get ones that clean your home (more tech-heavy than Roombas), and there are ones that monitor additional things going on inside your house.

If you have any questions about smart home technology or anything else, give us a shout via phone or email. We don’t necessarily install every smart home feature right now, but we can point you in the right direction. We can answer questions, have a discussion about your remodel, and talk about how it all goes together.